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Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Death of animals was a huge part of the Law of Moses. How many animals were sacrificed to cover the sins of Israel?

Messiah sacrificed himself willingly for mankind to justify and make us righteous which the sacrifices of animals could not do.

The law of sin and death could not erase the death penalty that Adam brought upon the whole human race. Messiah's sacrifice did do that once and for all. He made a way for mankind to have a relationship with God freely with no sense of sin, guilt, or condemnation AND He gave/gives POWER TO DEFEAT the lusts of our flesh— but also to destroy the works of the devil.

Christian's say, "We are no longer under the law." To some degree that is correct because the temple is gone and all the animal sacrifices. The law of sin and death is abolished. And the death of animals to cover the sins of Israel is no longer valid. But what was Paul really saying? He definitely did not say you shouldn't do the commandments of God that Moses stated. That would wipe away the 10 commandments, and the civil laws that govern a peaceful community and way of life. Many of those laws are the fabric of our country but since many literally believe we are no longer under the laws of God, dang, we can do whatever we want.

I don't think that is what Paul was trying to express. Rather he was saying, and correct me if I am wrong— mankind is no longer under the curse of the law which is the death penalty. We all deserve to die, we all have sinned, but Messiah came to destroy the works of the devil whose prime purpose is to steal, kill, and destroy.

Because of Messiah's accomplished work, those who believe in Him can follow in His footsteps and defeat the works of wickedness by using the authority and power He has been given.

How many of God's people have their armor on and are doing battle to protect and to bring the lost into God's kingdom?

How many are showing people how they can be a warrior of God by destroying the works of the devil?

You wonder why our country is being dismantled?

We wrestle not against flesh and blood.

This is a spiritual battle.

How about getting off those video war games and getting into the real battle? I guarantee you...the winning results will show you a taste of how LOVING AND POWERFUL GOD IS and that HE IS THERE ALWAYS TO ASSIST YOU!

If you are looking for someone to teach you how to be a warrior, I know a few awesome teachers who can show you how. Send me an email. September 23, 2021


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