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The "Bomb Blizzard" Colorado Springs, CO

March 13, 2019

I have always been intrigued with storms. The excitement that arouses inside me when I know one is coming thrills me to no end. Snow blizzards are my favorite! This one was a doozy! Between 60 to 100 mile gust of winds at times. Vehicles sliding off roads, highway patrol officer lost his life helping someone on the side of the highway. This one shut our power down in our home for 3 days. We lived by candlelight at night with a wood burner for heat and feather blankets to keep us warm through the night. Thankfully, we had a gas stove and were able to cook. We had 5 gallon jugs of water, so that was covered. We had to move all our refrigerator/freezer food into ice chests outside on our front and back decks. The weather got down in the teens and all the rooms in the house reflected the lack of heat. It was an interesting time. My husband couldn't work because he did all his work on a computer. Thank God for Verison! We were able to charge our phones in the truck which was nice.

A View From our Front Deck

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