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Cate's Bio

Cate as a Child

When I was a young girl I had dreamed of writing a book.  Who knew? With a haircut like that!

Never did I imagine that The Deception Connection would come out of me and be published!  


New "baby boomer" authors are springing up all over America, and yes, we are definitely not dead yet! 

My passion is storytelling with strong female characters, conquering whatever comes their way.  My latest novel is The Deception Connection, a fictional mystery drama. I am now adapting The Deception Connection into  a screenplay. My goal in this screenplay is not to promote sex on the screen but rather to expose the consequences of it.

Cate Muegge lives in the Black Forest area near Monument, Colorado with her husband Rich. They have a small flock of chickens and raise baby chicks as a hobby.  Sarah and Gus their two small "designer" dogs enjoy the fresh mountain air.


 An empty nester, Cate enjoys visiting her grandkids and great grandkid, traveling the world, boating, and has a passion for storytelling with strong female characters. She is working on a screenplay adaptation of her book: 



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