Cate's Bio

Cate as a Child

When I was a young girl, I had dreamed of writing a book.  Never did I imagine that The Deception Connection would come out of me and be published! 


After writing my book, I received instruction from The Author Academy Elite program that assisted me in fulfilling my dream of a published book now available to purchase in bookstores everywhere.  


New "baby boomer" authors are springing up all over America, and yes, we are definitely not dead yet! 

My passion is storytelling and my latest book is The Deception Connection, a fiction romance mystery.

Cate Muegge lives in Colorado Springs with her husband, some chickens, and their two small "designer" dogs, Sarah and Gus.


Now an empty nester, a new generation of grandkids and great grandkids have hatched into being over the years. And with that said, life goes on!  

OH! And I'm available to talk if you ever have questions about writing your first novel.

Cate Muegge