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A Voice Written Sings Volumes

Sometimes a voice is lost in the shuffle of life. Especially when that voice hides behind a wall of fear produced by childhood upbringing, an abusive partner, or even the media. Whatever the challenge, the fear is real, the voice is muffled, and inside that person is a story worth writing about. Everyone has a story that sings volumes! Everyone!

Now, my fiction romance mystery novel is just that! Fiction, but with the voices of women who have experienced the betrayal of infidelity and the way they handled it. The lusts of the flesh have unending consequences, which you will discover when the main character, Lauren, is taken by surprise by three shocking events: Her husband goes missing, an attempt is made on her life, and her father is murdered. How does she survive and overcome these major setbacks in her life, or does she? And what does she discover in the process?

If you caught your husband cheating on you how would you handle it? Would you divorce him, kill him, cheat on him to get back at him, stay with him because you have no place to go, or, because he has money, and you don't, would you put up with it? Or stay for religious reasons? Afraid to leave, because he might, or does, abuse you, and your children? Or he threatens to take custody of the kids?

If he promised never to do it again, would you believe him and forgive him, or would you move on?

Is love the determining factor in the contract of marriage when the contract is broken through infidelity? Does a woman keep holding on to the love of her life, or should she move on?

In my book three of my characters are faced with some of these decisions.

You can find my book online at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, or wherever books are sold.

The Deception Connection, The Lusts of the Flesh Have Unending Consequences, By Cate Muegge

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