Cate Muegge


Hi! My name is Cate Muegge.

On October 3, 2018 I  launched my first book, The Deception Connection, a fiction romance mystery I have worked on since 2003. During those years I raised a family with my husband, Rich.
I wrote, rewrote, and sometimes didn't write for long periods of time. As life unfolded during those years so did my fictional characters. They appeared in settings I had first-hand experiences with.  
The inspiration for my book began when many people I knew were in the midst of divorce battles. The pain, heartache, and disillusionment accompanying separation from a partner are difficult, but not impossible to overcome, as I too, have experienced that emotional roller coaster.
The Deception Connection will lead you through Lauren's journey in dealing with the lies and deceit resulting from unbridled lusts of the flesh. 
The Deception Connection

The Deception Connection

The Lusts of the Flesh Have 

Unending Consequences

Lauren is a young troubled married college graduate, trapped in a past of misery, guilt, and depression. Because of her mother's abuse, she blames herself for the death of her two year old sister. During a 2006 Colorado blizzard, three events take place that bring Lauren to her knees. Her father is murdered, an attempt is made on her life, and her husband disappears. Layers of truth lie hidden and

deception hides the truth but will Lauren discover it? And if she does?

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Mountain Peaks in Colorado

I look at all the mountains I have tried to climb and I finally reached the top of this one. Authors who write fictional novels are most-times lone ducks in the lake of characters. I have left the lake  for a while and have made my way to the top of this mountain where I can hear the "real world" and listen to your voice. I can hear you now! I'm all ears. Please tell me a little about yourself.

Your voice matters!  

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