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The Light of a New Day!

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Without the sunlight, the darkness prevails. Without electricity, the night is long

Everyone is different in how they relate to God but let me express some of my experiences. Have you ever felt like daylight will never come-laying restless in your bed-feeling a tug in your inner being—beckoning you to get up?

Most times, before I do get up, I have already prayed for those I have concerns about. That goes without saying. It is a habit I developed back in the day when I was in my 20's. Now, nearing 71 years of age, I still lay with my eyes closed, my body still yearning to sleep, but my mind is filled with emotion for others I pray for. After that is done...everything inside me screams exhaustion, but I know it is "our time" to be alone without any disruptions. So I get up. I put on some coffee—I reach for my bible-I begin to search His Word and pray. And then my exhaustion fades away.

The comfort of communing with God adds dimension beyond space and time. He has a way of opening the eyes of our understanding so that we can see more clearly the path He has chosen for us.

Believe it or not, sometimes He chooses to just entertain me with ideas I know I couldn't have thought of on my own. Does He ever do that with you? Or He gives me a revelation of a passage of scripture I have often wondered about. Or He may just sit with me in silence-His peace filling my heart and my surroundings with His presence.

And then there are times when I have committed transgressions. He is gentle in addressing them, to help me change my heart, admonishing me with His loving kindness and forgiveness. Though consequences may ensue–He is with me and comforts me.

He fellowships with me where I am at. He doesn't push Himself on me...He just calls me...beckoning me to get up and welcome in a new day with Him. The light of a new day brings a smile and sometimes tears-when shared with Him. I am thankful, so thankful as the darkness of the night fades away, and the sun says, "Look here! See all that He has created!"

But then, there are times, when I am called to war in the spirit, for urgent matters that concern Him. That is a side of our Creator that demands discipline. The urgency of that calling leads me to pray in the spirit, not knowing what I should pray for sometimes, but the spirit knows and I obey.

I am a soldier ready for battle. My obedience to that call demands my strictest focus. The groaning of my spirit makes it impossible to walk away. The spirit is churning-demanding action, I cannot but do. And when all is completed-when I know that the job has been done—the battle has been won— and the dark principalities and powers have been abated—I am at peace.

I remember "The Job" seasons of prayer in my life. Anyone who has experienced those times, know it is not a walk in the park. When sickness and death had encroached on me—I begun to wonder why is this happening to me? I was beside myself.

I remember clearly how I cried and wondered, "God, why am I not getting delivered? Why does each day continue into the next and I'm still not better? Why can't I see light at the end of the tunnel? What will become of me?"

That was a time of patience and continual prayer on my part. That was when I had to reach deep to see what abided inside me, and I knew I had to start climbing that mountain of faith...through the tears, exhaustion, self examination, and pain. I climbed, one promise of God at a time. I saw the goal-and when I finally reached the top, everything fell into place, and I cried a victory cry! I AM HEALED!

But in my darkest hour, if I would have given up the fight and died I knew I would see Him face to face in my new body when He returned. Accepting the reality that I will die someday isn't easy to swallow, but it is apart of our journey on earth. No matter the outcome, for those who believe in what the Messiah Yeshua accomplished, it is a win-win situation.

The light of a new day is always before us, in life, or in death. It is everlasting and God's mercies are renewed everyday. When we allow the light of God's Word to penetrate our souls one precious promise at a time, our minds can transcend into the presence of the Almighty. Imagine that! The Almighty!

And when His alarm clock rings softly in my ear— I always know...He is waiting...

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